Breakfast Without Dairy: Vegan Cream Cheese Satisfies

If your ideal breakfast is a toasted bagel slathered with cream cheese and a cup of coffee with cream, you are no doubt going to be disappointed if you learn that you have a milk allergy, or if you make the decision to become a vegan. You’re probably thinking that you’re never again going to be able to enjoy the same foods that you loved so much before, and that can be disheartening—but it’s not the truth. You can still enjoy that bagel, but instead of a regular cream cheese, you can simply switch it for vegan cream cheese and satisfy your craving.

Not only are vegan cream cheeses healthier for you, they are just as flavorful as the regular varieties. In fact, you don’t even have to settle for a plain substitution. GoVeggie! offers high-quality dairy free cream cheeses in both plain and chive flavors. Not only do they offer delicious dairy-free cream cheese, they also offer other dairy free cheeses as well, so if you’re craving an omelet, you can have that too. If neither of those options sounds appealing, and you decide that you want French toast stuffed with strawberry cream cheese, get some dairy free cream cheese and add strawberry puree. If you’re getting rid of dairy from your diet, you don’t need to be afraid that breakfast will mean dry toast and black coffee. You have many options as a consumer today that will go above and beyond your expectations of what vegan foods taste like.

It’s easy to assume that a vegan diet will be bland and monotonous, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. You have more choices than ever for delicious alternatives to your favorite foods, and not only are the flavors closer than ever to the real thing, but they are often healthier. Incorporate non dairy cream cheese into your diet, and you won’t ever again have to worry about a boring breakfast.

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